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Curious about how Executive and life Coaching can benefit you? Best is to hear directly from some of my current and past clients!


"Following my coaching sessions with Didier, I have seen a real change from a professional and personal side. I have started the coaching in May 2018, while being in a transition for getting a new job within my company. Didier helped along the way by revealing my core motivations and providing me with the tools to achieve my career goal. I have seen a drastic change in the way I have perceived myself and my abilities to overcome challenges I was facing. I can clearly state that Didier coaching helped self-confidence and personal knowledge paved the ways to a brighter transition. I truly recommend his coaching for personal and professional development and growth."

S.B., expatriate in Beijing - December 2018

"Didier’s coaching was invaluable to opening-up a new way to look at myself and my career. At the time I was at a career crossroad, unsure what was the right career choice and doubting I could reach a seemingly far-fetched goal.  He saw the real cause of my indecisiveness and enabled me to look at career choices from new angles.  He also helped me see I had been focusing on my weaknesses rather than strengths, which was stopping me from attempting bold moves.  Working with Didier not only helped my pursuit of professional career but also pursuit of personal happiness. Didier is patient, straight-forward and has extremely rich career development experience, a perfect coach to help you learn more about yourself and advance your career ambition."

WS.L., chinese global leader in Beijing - December 2018

Didier is my coach since April. He is a terrific coach, and we knew clearly that he would not make any decision directly for me, but rather guide, inspire, and help me to open up my thoughts and perceptions, thus having some positive effects on my action plan. Because of language barrier, sometimes I may not be able to express very accurate in English, but Didier is very patient and smart to understand what I am trying to say, he would debrief and double check with me to make sure we are on the same page and then guide me thinking things in different ways.

Every time during our coaching sessions, we review, explore new topics, and then help me develop action plans which help me feel positive. He used very clear ideas to guide me to think in different directions, constantly encouraging me in the process, and I made some action plans that had never been considered before which do explore my life and work in better way. He let me know that one thing has a variety of directions and ends if we can think from different angles, he lets me know how beautiful life is if you transfer your negative emotions into positive, and he also lets me know how important to keep learning on the way grow up.

I deeply appreciated all he had done for me in the past and I promise the way he taught me how to think will accompany along with me for all my life journey.

S.C., chinese executive assistant in Beijing - December 2018

"I engaged Didier as my professional coach soon after starting my new position in China, my first expatriate working experience. Didier helped me to reflect on my working style and enabled me to discover what I needed to adjust in order to integrate quickly. I believe Didier's coaching was invaluable in helping me adapt to the situation and find success and happiness in this new adventure. I would not hesitate to recommend Didier to any new expatriate seeking coaching on how to manage this exciting but often difficult professional and personal challenge"

L.J., French expatriate in Beijing - December 2018


"Working with Didier has been eye-opening!  He has helped me take a constructive approach to face my fears, be a better advocate for myself, and create an actionable plan for achieving career and life goals in the future. Our time together has made a significant impact on my confidence and helped me take control of my story.
I highly recommend Didier to anyone seeking to focus on their own professional and personal development. Thanks Didier!"

A.K., started their own business in Illinois, US - November 2019