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My Expat story

Born in Brussels, Belgium, my professional career comprises now of 28 years as a Senior Pharma Leader. My first expat experience was offered to me in 1999, when I relocated in Copenhagen to work at the Danish headquarters of the pharma company I worked for at the time. What I expected to be a very simple experience turned on to be life-changing! Despite being only 800km away from my native Belgium, I experienced there my first real cultural shock! I discovered for the first time the challenges of the expatriate life, the difficulties of adapting to different culture, habits, language, while being expected to be highly efficient at work and in my personal life. I discovered for the first time the challenges, frustrations and anxiety of being far away from home, friends and family, but also the tremendous excitement brought by the new opportunities and experiences.

Since then, I have led multicultural teams in 9 different countries across 4 continents. I was lucky enough to receive help from a personal executive coach three times in my career. These were the best gifts I have ever had, accelerating my growth in a way I would not have imagined. I decided to become an Executive Life Coach myself, and bring my personal and professional experience to the service of other fellow expatriates. Now based in New York, NY, I specialize in personal growth, relationship and career coaching, with special focus on the particular situation of expatriates having to adapt quickly to new environments and cultures: my higher motivation is to help you to thrive away from home!

I dream of a world where every expatriate would receive access to executive coaching, making it easier for organizations and employees to be bolder going on the journey, and empowering a multiculturally-connected world!

Trained in Positive Psychology, I am also the Founder / President at Optimists Without Borders USA, a 501 (c) (3) non profit based in New York ( Our Vision is to encourage a Community of Optimists in the US. We aim at creating a better world by inspiring individuals to learn developing and practicing optimistic skills and behaviors. Our mission is to educate and foster a growth mindset in Business, Health and Sports.

I am using a strengths-based approach to my coaching practice. Though we wil look together at areas to improve, we will explore it through understanding who you are at your best, and how you can use your strengths more/better. My own character strengths ( will be there to help you: Hope, optimism, and future-mindedness; Curiosity; Appreciation of beauty and excellence; Honesty; Humor and Fairness.

I am a Passionate photographer since 40+ years, and a five times marathon finisher. I coach in French and English, but also speak Dutch and Spanish. As a Belgian, I love chocolate, beer and french fries. I am married to the lovely Silvia, and we have one beautiful cat Chloe - a serious Instagram influencer. 

I am a collaborative, solution-focused Executive Life Coach. Through this approach, I provide support and practical feedback to help clients effectively address personal work and life challenges. I also integrate coaching techniques and helpful assignments to offer a highly-personalized program tailored to you. With compassion and understanding, I will work with you to help build on your strengths and attain the personal growth you are committed to achieving.



M. Sc., Chemistry, 1990, Universite Catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium


ACC Executive Coaching Certification (CoachTrainingEdu, 2018)




Foundations of Positive Psychology Specialization (University of Pennsylvania, 2018)


Character Strenghts Interventions (MentorCoach, 2018)

Professional Activities and Memberships


Member - International Positive Psychology Association


Member - International Coach Federation